Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What's in your closet?

While Oregon is known to pick a new combo EVERY week, much of the Pac-12 has adapted that closet-busting strategy as well. Ironically the California schools were the least fashion-forward!

Here's a rundown of how many different combos each team has worn this season. 

The max is 12 since there are twelve regular-season games (except Colorado had 13 due to Hawaii game) and I'm not counting the bowls since you already know that teams like Oregon, ASU and Arizona will come up with a  new gown for the ball. I'm also not counting helmets that are the same color but just chromed like USC and UW.

Fashion mavens (how many logo variations can you have?):

Oregon: 12  (never repeated a helmet configuration and had six different colored hats)
Arizona State: 12 (five games with head-to-toe mono look)
Colorado: 12 (four helmet colors was most except for UO)
Arizona: 11  (only repeat was "blueout")
Utah: 10  (good use of the school colors without needed gray, silver, etc)
Oregon State: 10 (removed logo from helmet a few times)

Mix and match (a few pants, jerseys and hats add up quick):

Washington State: 8 (since gray is a school color, one of the few teams to wear it well)
Washington: 8 (used their 3 colors to good advantage)
Cal: 6 (only one helmet variation)
UCLA: 3 (four if you count the helmet sticker with the "bone frog")

Stalwart traditionalists (home and road, what else do you need?):

USC: 2 (I'd vote for chrome red helmets all the time)
Stanford: 2 (no BFBS this year)

All teams except for USC, Stanford, Cal did some sort of "blackout" or whiteout"

All 12 of the Duck helmets this year:

ASU looked good in mono-color this year, but why not mono-yellow?

Colorado gets the award for the "Best Use of a Simple Color Pallete." Their school colors of gold, silver, black and white made them look ready for the red carpet! And they only repeated a combo once! Fashionable, but on a  budget!