Saturday, September 9, 2023

Week 2: September 9, 2023

After the Pac-12 went 13-0 in weeks 0 and 1, they had a great slate of games against some juicy non-conference foes. Utah, Oregon, Arizona, UCLA and Stanford all were on the road. 

Colorado's look was slightly tweaked this week with a black and white look that downplayed gold. Arizona State went "blackout" with the sweatpant-textured charcoal gray paired with burgundy helmet. Oregon brought back chrome for the first time in several years. Arizona went mono blue on the road against a mono white Miss. State.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Week 1: August 31–Sept 3, 2023

Week 0 and 1 kicked off the last season of the Pac-12, right as news that Oregon State and Washington State are the only teams left in the conference next season after Cal and Stanford are moving to the ACC! But the interesting news is that none of the 12 teams made major changes to their sets. Yes a few subtle tweaks, but no new fonts or colors or major edits to shapes.

USC was the only team to play in week 0, but they wore the same home uniform in week 1.  

Utah went full red-out against Florida, while ASU went with  mostly traditional gold/maroon/gold look with the subtle flag design moved to the flanks. Oregon debuted a new black and carbon fiber helmet on top of their mono yellow look. Stanford wore red on the road, while WSU was the exact opposite on the road.

Arizona made some very subtle changes after changing to Nike: the sleeve caps added a second red stripe and the A logo returned to the jersey. Washington also made subtle changes: the numbers lost theor gold stroke and the Addidas logo got simplified.

But the "darling" of the Pac-12 this week is Colorado. Buffs, led by the never-publicity-adverse "Prime" not only pulled off a road upset of TCU, when all the pundits said they would finish 11th in the Pac-12, they did it with some aded glitz! For the first time I can remember, the jersey number are shiny gold instead of black and the Colorado chest wordmark got enlarged and shined up. Looks great on the wall white uniforms!

Monday, August 28, 2023

Schedule grid

USC has started play already with their "week 0" victory over San Jose State, but the rest of the Pac gets going this coming weekend. Here is a nice concise grid for the season from the Pac12.

Friday, August 4, 2023

The End of the Pac- (fill in the blank #)

Many people are saying that Aug. 4, 2023 is the day that the Pac-12 died. 

I guess if you are being pendantic, you would say June 30, 2022 was the day the "12" died when USC and UCLA announced leaving for the Big-10. But then Colorado decamped for the Big 12 in July of 2023, and today Oregon and Washington made it official about their move to the Big-10 (18 teams). 

So "today" it's the "Pac-7" but by tomorrow it may only be Cal, Stanford, OSU and WSU after the Four Corner schools go to Big-12? 

(Edit: Yes, the rest of the Mountain schools left for the Big 12  later on August 4, 2023 and on September 1, Cal and Stanford left for the ACC, leaving only OSU and WSU)

So what does that mean to this website? and the teams that it tracks in 2024? A lot will happen in the next 12 months but it probably means that the Pac will not really exist in Sept 2024? Does that mean that I will be tracking Mountain West Teams? Or helping track Big-10 teams? Not sure!

My personal opinion—as a Oregon alum, and 30-year Duck and Pac fan— is that the Pac-12 was a great conference and College Football is better off with the more-geographical conferences that put tradition and history and culture first. I get that money matters, and Oregon has been lucky to have plenty of money and success lately, but the losers are the Beavers, Cougars and to some extent the Bears and Cardinal. 

Looking forward to playing some of the Big-10 teams but hoping to keep the Civil War Game and some other west coast games. Maybe at least now our 3-4 "out of conference" games will be against Cal, OSU and WSU rather than PSU and Hawaii?

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Bowl Season 2022-23

The pre-New Years bowls showcased the 4 "north" teams going mono, with all four of the Oregon/Washington schools going jersey/pants mono (except for UW gold chrome helmet). The Rose Bowl had Utah using the red version of their throwback set with rose decal on helmet.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Pac All-star Uniform team

With the regular season wrapped up, I thought it would be nice to show you MY favorite single-game looks for each of the 12 teams in 2022. The order is alphabetical by division, so no judgement ranking. (You can check out my ranking of the teams from preseason here) Some of these looks might not have been the best visual matchup with their opponent that day, but rounding those up is another list. In general color is going to be better than white or mono, so in all cases I picked a home look with alternating school colors for these teams, and tradition almost always trumps innovation so my favorites tend to be classic.


IMHO, Cal's normal uniforms rely on a too much of a too-dark navy blue (helmet and jersey), so my favorite looks this season were their two throwback sets that utilize a possibly? lighter navy and bright blue and more even use of yellow. The Big Game set and/or Joe Roth set should be their normal uniform.