Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 9: October 31, 2015

On Thursday's #pac12afterdark, Oregon finally got a win in a variation of their silver/white uniform! But boy, howdy, was it a hard-fought victory, against a throwback-clad Arizona State, which went all-Tillman.

And for Halloween we got....Blackout in Seattle and Salt Lake City, Blueout in Berkeley, and Crimsonout in Pullman. And lots of white elsewhere: the aforementioned Ducks; Arizona's full "ghost" Whiteout for the first time this season; Colorado going mostly white and OSU and Stanford's traditional road whites.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Week 8: October 24, 2015

With Oregon and Arizona State off this weekend (They being the most non-traditional fashionistas this year), the Pac-12 had the potential to have a pretty traditional uniform landscape. Think of it as a late "Back-to-the Future Day." But alas UCLA threw a monkey wrench into that scenario. They pulled out their "City" BFBS uniforms for the Thursday Night game. I'm not an alternate uniform hater, so these are actually kinda stylish in my book. But they were matched up against their instate public school rival Cal. That matchup could have been  beautiful celebration of all that is UC blue/gold/yellow, but it just ended up looking rather dark, especially at night. Cal's blue is really dark, bordering on black, and UCLA's blue helmet logo on black just disappeared on camera.

Pair that with Oregon State wearing black shirts for the first time since week one, Colorado going gold and white, Wazzu getting "Icey" for the second time, and you get a relatively low key affair out west.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week 6: October 10, 2015

Looking for some black and white games this week? The Pac 12 was your place then! Colorado visiting Arizona State looked like an old black and white movie, with the Sun Devils going full "Black Out" and the Buffaloes going white-white-black. If only the Buffs had gone "White Out" like they did in week 3. Oregon went all gray/silver at home contrasted nicely with the all-crimson WSU Cougars. Oregon State did their normal black-white-black on the road.

ESPN College GameDay was on hand for Utah to pull out its throwback uniforms with old UU logo and rounded numerals vs a normally dressed Cal.

Oregon did what it does best and unveiled its "Pioneer" Oregon-Trail inspired uniforms, which honestly looked more space-age cartoon to me. And on TV, the map that was supposed to add texture to the jersey looked like it got dysentery on the trail and died, which sums up Oregon's season so far.  See my fuller writeup on the DuckTracker here. This combo is a bit too much like its "Big-game-loss" uniforms which are also discussed on the DuckTracker here.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 5: October 3, 2015

Last week's gridiron had a lot of mono-dominate colors, but this week was much more sedate, with several of the more fashion-forward teams on the road wearing white, at the home stadiums of more traditional-uniformed teams.

One third of the Pac were off this week as well.

The only mini trend was gray. Both ASU and Colorado pulled out their smoky uniforms. The Sun Devils debuted parts of their "Dessert Hammer" look, while the Buffaloes dressed in black and "silver." The Buff's look was nice, especially since Colorado's official colors are silver and gold. Ironically the only other team with gray as one of its official colors—Washington State—went all white.

The Ducks, a bit gun-shy after last week's all green debacle, went for a proven winner in lightning yellow, which was appropriate since the game was delayed by lightning until practically Sunday on the east coast.

When are we going to see some Pink this month?

It was a patriotic looking clash in Palo Alto. The usual white/red/white Cardinal went up against the blue/white/white Wildcats.