Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week 4: September 24, 2016

Almost half of the Pac-12 who played wore mono-colored outfits. It was a weekend of Name-Your-Color-OUT!
  • Colorado went "White-Out" on the road in Eugene.
  • Arizona went full "Blue-Out" at home against the Huskies.
  • Arizona State hosted Cal while "Maroon-Outing"!
  • Utah used Oregon's-playbook and went full ninja "Black-Out" while hosting USC.
  • Oregon State almost went all-black, but gave us their shiny orange helmet.
Oregon unveiled a 4th completely different uniform in four weeks with it's "Once a Duck, Always a Duck" green ensemble. Check out more pics and explainer here.

As usual, the traditional teams (all four California teams and Washington) gave us little new to work with.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 3: Sept 17, 2016

A quirk of scheduling had the bulk of the Pac-12 North at home (except for Oregon) and the bulk of the Pac-12 South on the road (except for Arizona) which made for an all-light-jerseyed South and mostly colored-jersey North. And speaking of the two exceptions, both Oregon schools and Arizona had the most interesting uniform combos of the week.  OSU opted for a white-out at home, which was an oddity. Click here for a separate explained of the Arizona tribute to the USS Arizona. Click here for my Oregon uniform tracker.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

USS Arizona uniforms

Arizona is getting on the alternate uniform bandwagon with some nice one-offs for this weekend's game against Hawaii. They mark the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor (minus 3 months) and the USS Arizona.  I'll let Paul Lukas from Uni-watch describe it for you:

Arizona is hosting Hawaii this Saturday, and the Wildcats will be wearing a uniform that honors the USS Arizona, which was stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii when it was bombed and sank by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941. Arizona and Hawaii, get it?
Okay, so it would be better if the game were taking place closer to Dec. 7, but the uniform is a good one. Arizona has put together a really good video that explains all of the details, although you might want to mute the soundtrack (and all the info in the video is also available in this PDF)
Lots of good stuff there. But ugh, that neck bumper — a glaring apostrophe catastrophe. Punctuation illiteracy strikes again.

Video on Twitter here. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week 2: September 10, 2016

Two teams had the week off and half the remaining teams had late games after 7pm, so a lot of uniforms were viewed under the lights. The one fashion maven was—as usual—Oregon who brought out new "Electric Lightning" highlighter yellow uniforms vs. Virginia. These lit up Autzen Stadium without need of lights. The rest of the Pac-12 went relatively traditional with both LA schools and UW opting for tried-and-true home uniforms. Utah went mono-red and WSU went mono-white, while ASU went black and white.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 1: Sept 3, 2016

For most of the Pac, it was pretty much business as usual in the uniform world. 11 out 12 basically re-used uniform schemes from last year. (Yeah UCLA tweaked their shoulder strip and colors a tad, but nothing seismic)  So that leaves it up to the perennial fashionista Oregon to make our week interesting!  See my Duck Tracker blog for a bit more detail.

Being that this is a traditional week for home games against overmatched non-conference teams, it was mostly home dark jerseys.

The three teams traveling wore white and got beat.

Funnily enough the 3 of the 4 teams that wore red jerseys also wore white pants.