Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bowl Season 2015-16

A record 10 Pac teams made a bowl game this year and it was looking like they might all play some good games...that is until Jan. 2  when both the Ducks and Sun Devils lost heartbreakers to give the conference a 6-4 record.

Only three of the 10 teams wore "home" uniforms, so that left the majority in white. And the only team to introduce anything majorly new (beyond Utah's all-silver helmet logo) was—of course—Oregon, who's helmet was a reprise of the "Galaxy White" sparkly hat, but with a  "beveled" O logo. The understated all-white uniforms harkened back to the last time the Ducks were in the Alamo Bowl, but with a bit less apple green, and some new almost-invisible shoulder "wings" and reworked numbers. Unfortunately for them the result was not like last time, and more like a few of their other more heralded white/gray bowl loses.