Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week 11: November 12, 2016

With it being Veteran's Day weekend, the Pac 12 came out with a  decent amount of Red, White and Black! (Apparently for the Military). Two of the usually stalwart-traditional teams dressed in alternate uniforms that supposedly honor the troops.

Washington did a blackout with a flag W on the helmet. UCLA pulled a similar flag logo, but used all blue for their uniforms and the helmet appears to use the dark navy blue that they sometime use as an accent color. The royal blue uniform does not appear to be a color that they have used in the recent past. While I love flags, I personally find using the flag as a "pattern fill" for complex logos like UCLA to be really graphically annoying.  It takes an already hard to discern visual and makes it impossible.

And then the teams that were not overtly military seem to be sticking to their red/white uniforms: Arizona, Utah, Stanford and WSU all went for the most red and white versions of their livery.

ASU did a Blackout like Washington, but nothing in the uniform was specifically military.

Cal went light gray.

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